Best Pioneer Car Stereos Reviews

Buying any tech product can feel overwhelming; there are so many options. If it’s time for a new car stereo, there are lots of choices to sift through. Pioneer is a reputable company that makes quality car stereos, but which Pioneer car stereo would be right for you?

Pioneer offers a wide range of car stereos of different types at very competitive prices these days. Picking the right one can be tough, with so many features to choose from, and individual receivers with almost any possible combination of those variations available.

Here at CrystalStereo.com, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best Pioneer car stereos in the market and reviewed them, so that you can make an informed buying decision when it’s time to upgrade your stock receiver.

Best Pioneer Car Stereos Reviews

#1- Pioneer DEH-80PRS Review

Pioneer DEH-80PRS CD Receiver ReviewIf your sights are set on achieving ultimate sound quality, you need to look beneath the surface for a receiver that’s built from the ground up with sound quality in mind.

The DEH-80PRS is one of the best single DIN headunits that Pioneer has to offer. This flagship unit goes well beyond most single DIN receivers with the quality of its internal components and sound tuning options. It’s designed for those who are always tweaking sound controls and those who like to experiment with the sound adjustments.

This unit sports a crisp 3-line full-dot LCD display with variable-color illumination, so you can match the display and key illumination to your vehicle’s interior lighting.

As with most aftermarket headunits, the DEH-80PRS offers built-in Bluetooth for the safety and convenience of hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming.

Furthermore, this receiver is incorporated with a built-in MOSFET amplifier rated at 14 watts RMS. It also sports unparalleled sound controls including a 16-band equalizer that lets you set the left and right channels independently, as well as an advanced 3-way crossover network that allows you to amplify and adjust the lows, mids, and highs separately. There’s also an advanced sound retriever, high-pass/low-pass filters, subwoofer level control, and loudness/low-frequency boost.

Additionally, and for further refinement of the sound, you can use the unit’s auto time alignment to get the perfect stereo sweet spot. You can also pair up the supplied microphone to the receiver and it’ll automatically adjust the equalization to your vehicle’s interior.

The DEH-80PRS comes with plenty of expansion opportunities. It has two rear-mounted USB inputs, front and rear auxiliary inputs, as well as a SD card slot. Not to mention 6-channel preamp outputs for use with a separate amplifier.

All in all, Pioneer DEH-80PRS is a very well-engineered car stereo. However, it’s missing a few features such as HD radio, SiriusXM, and Siri Eyes free.

Obviously, this receiver isn’t for everyone. It’s simply the best value in a true audiophile headunit. So, if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use with your iPhone or mp3s, skip on this one.

#2- Pioneer DEH-X6900BT Review

Pioneer offers plenty of choices when it comes to CD receivers with Bluetooth® connectivity. The DEH-X6900BT is one of the top-rated car stereos in the their arsenal. This single DIN cd receiver is very well-designed and it packs in a ton of great features.

This Pioneer single din head unit spans the color spectrum with a multi-line and multi-color display that lets you choose from thousands of colors for the display and controls. It also features MIXTRAX technology which creates DJ-inspired experience, transitions effects, and variable-color lighting that pulses with the beat of your music, emulating club-like atmosphere for uninterrupted entertainment as you drive.

The DEH-X6900BT comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming. It also features controls for Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Along with streaming, the DEH-X6900BT has a CD/DVD drive, an AM/FM tuner, front panel auxiliary and USB inputs, three pairs of preamp outputs to help you create an audiophile-grade amplified system, as well as a built-in 14-watt-by-4 MOSFET amplifier.

In terms of sound tuning controls, this receiver sports a 13-band equalizer with seven preset tone settings which will create a big jump in sound quality over your old stock radio, digital time alignment, 3-level loudness, subwoofer level control, and more.

As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that the display can be a bit hard to read during the day, especially when in bright daylight.

#3- Pioneer MVH-X390BT Review

Pioneer MVH-X390BT single DIN Headunit reviewIf you’re looking for a budget-friendly digital media receiver (does not play CDs), Pioneer MVH-X390BT is a very good option to consider. It’s one of the best selling digital media receiver in the market. We’ve come across a ton of people who have used and loved this car receiver.

This headunit is one of Pioneer’s latest cd-free units in the MVH line. It’s meant for those who have ditched CDs in favor of digital formats.

Speaking of digital formats, Pioneer MVH-X390BT features controls for Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify. These and other apps can be used with this headunit via a Bluetooth connection. The unit is also compatible with Siri Eyes Free for iPhones.

The best thing about this headunit is that it supports “dual phone connection”, which lets you pair up to two smartphones, while its “Guest Mode” allows you to add or replace a mobile device quickly and easily. That’s a great feature for those with mutliple devices, or for a family car with multiple drivers.

Pioneer MVH-X390BT features a detachable face with single-line 13-character display. It has one front USB port, as well as one front auxiliary input. It also has 2-channel preamp outputs for expanding your car audio system.

This unit is incorporated with a relatively powerful MOSFET amplifies that will significantly improve your sound quality, while Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) technology brings back the details lost when you compress music. There’s high-pass/low-pass electronic crossover, subwoofer control, and loudness/low-frequency boost. To further tweak sound, you get a 5 band customizable graphic equalizer.

#4- Pioneer DEH-S1000UB Review

Pioneer DEH-S1000UB car stereo ReviewThe DEH-S1000UB is one Pioneer’s cheapest single DIN car stereos. It’s stamped with a sleek new look that’s designed for user-friendly operation, making it a great replacement to factory installed headunits.

Unlike high-end CD receivers which are loaded with a ton of bells and whistles and costs a pretty penny, this unit comes only basic features and only a few expandability options which justifies its relatively low price tag.

Pioneer DEH-S1000UB features a detachable face with single-line 13-character display. It’s also featured with MIXTRAX technology takes music from your device and plays it back with added transitions and effects, creating a club-like illumination, in case you feel like turning your car into a disco.

This unit comes with front-mounted AUX and USB inputs, 1 pair of preamp outputs, as well as a built-in 50-watt-by-4 amp. There’s high-pass/low-pass electronic crossover, subwoofer control, and loudness/low-frequency boost. And to further tweak sound, you get a 5-Band customizable graphic equalizer.

In addition to its limited expandability options and sound tweaking controls, this headunit isn’t featured with Bluetooth connectivity which could be a serious drawback to some of you.

#5- Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Review

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX single DIN flipout ReviewThis is what you can get if you’re willing to shell out some serious dough. This single DIN headunit was designed differently. It allows you to have a nice, large touchscreen even if your vehicle has only a single-DIN (7-by-2-inch) dash opening for the stereo. How?

Well, this headunit is featured with a motorized large touch screen that’s designed to slide out of the headunit and flip up to be viewed with a single push of a button.

The AVH-3300NEX sports a bright and crystal-clear 7″ VGA display with plenty of customization options. It also features MIXTRAX technology for a DJ-inspired audio/visual experience.

We’ve come across a ton of single DIN receivers that promise smartphone compatibility, however, the AVH-3300NEX smokes the competition. This flip out headunit features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which will make your life a lot easier whilst driving.

Plenty of aftermarket car stereos provide access to various streaming sources, but what makes the Pioneer AVH-3300NEX stand out from the crown is its Android Auto and CarPlay capability. It’s actually one of the fewest flip out car stereos that feature these.

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX features controls for Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify. These and other apps can be used with this flip out car stereo via a Bluetooth connection. The unit is also compatible with Siri Eyes Free for iPhones.

Along with streaming, this unit has a CD/DVD player, an AM/FM tuner, and is SiriusXM satellite radio ready with the addition of an extra-cost tuner.

In terms of expandability options, this headunit has a rear-mounted USB port that can be accessed via a supplied cable, a rear-mounted auxiliary input, as well as AV and rearview camera inputs,. It comes with 6-channel preamp outputs for use with a separate amplifier.

As far as sound tuning options are concerned, this unit has high-pass/low-pass electronic crossover, subwoofer control, and loudness/low-frequency boost.

To further finetune sound, you get a 13-band graphic equalizer with 7 preset EQ curves, a listening-position selector, speaker output adjustment, digital time alignment, and more.

All in all, Pioneer AVH-3300NEX is one of the best single din head units with touch screen that you can buy. So, If you have an old vehicle with a single-DIN radio and want to add Android Auto and CarPlay, Pioneer AVH-3300NEX is a great option to consider. This headunit does so much more than just bring those two features to your vehicle.

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