Loudest 6.5 Car Speakers Reviews

We all want car speakers that go boom, and deliver some serious audio performance when it comes to thumping bass and volume output. We also want speakers that deliver sparkling highs and hyper-accurate midrange you need to feel like you’re sitting front row at the orchestra.

However, finding the loudest car speakers is where things get murky. There hundreds of speakers on the market and there are various technical specifications that you have to sort through before making a decision. And when you have that many car speakers, there’s an awful lot of rubbish you need to wade through to find what you’re looking for.

Luckily for you, we’ve sacrificed our hearing for you and We’ve narrowed down the choices to five loudest 6.5 car speakers on the market that offer true quality for more than reasonable price.

These best 6.5 speakers feature some of the most powerful audio drivers ever designed and engineered, pumping out tonnes of quality audio juice at extraordinary volumes with minimal distortion and with exceptional clarity.

So, without further any ado, onto the reviews…

5 Loudest 6.5 Speakers Reviews

1- Infinity Kappa 60.11CS Speakers Review

  • 6-1/2″ Plus One+ glass-fiber woofer with hi-roll rubber surround
  • Adapter rings for 6-1/2″ openings
  • 3/4″ edge-driven soft dome tweeter
  • Starfish™ mounting brackets for easier tweeter installation in factory locations
  • 2-way external crossover network
Size 6-1/2″ & 6-3/4″
Design Component
Frequency range 45-35,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS :     90 Watts
  • Peak :    270 Watts
Sensitivity 93 dB
Top-mount Depth 2-1/8″
Impedance 3 ohms

 Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4" SpeakersInfinity Systems is an American manufacturer of loudspeakers founded in 1968. They’re one of the best car audio brands under the umbrella of Harman International – a US-based high-end audio company – since 1983.

Infinity has flourished and grew even stronger in the loudspeaker industry. Nowadays, Infinity Systems is one of the most popular brands that’s trusted for for their technological innovations in reference-quality audio reproduction, and much of that technology is ingrained in their car speakers.

Infinity makes some of the best car speakers. The 60.11cs speakers are some of the loudest 6.5 speakers in the Infinity KAPPA series. These speakers were designed to take the sound in your car to a whole new dimension. Once installed, they’ll bring out every nuance and detail in your favorite music tracks, making time spent in your car seem more like a concert than a commute.

Infinity 60.11cs speakers are featured with edge-driven 3/4″ soft dome tweeters which allow for natural-sounding high frequencies. The “edge-driven” design results in a larger tweeter with improved power handling and wide high-frequency dispersion. That said, you’ll hear a more clearly defined soundstage where you can picture the placement of every instrument.

By using the included hardware, you can either surface- or flush-mount these tweeters. Additionally, you can use the Starfish brackets for easier tweeter installation in factory tweeter openings.

As for bass, these speakers are equipped with Kappa glass fiber woofers which hold their shape when the power is cranked up, so you still get punchy and defined bass. Glass fiber is light and responsive, so you don’t need that much power to drive these woofers. For consitent bass output, these woofers are bonded to hi-roll rubber surround

These 6.5 component speakers are rated for 90dB sensitivity rating, which makes them make them sensitive enough that you can power them with an aftermarket stereo, but for optimal results, consider feeding them plenty of power from an outboard amp — up to 90 watts RMS.

2- JBL GTO609C Component Speakers Review

  • 6-1/2″ carbon-injected Plus One™ woofer cone
  • Butyl Rubber speaker surround
  • 3/4″ edge-driven silk dome tweeter
  • Three-ohm voice coils allow compensation for added resistance by thin factory speaker wiring
  • Adjustable 0 or +3dB tweeter level attenuation
  • High-temperature voice coil
  • Vented magnet motor structure cools the voice coil
  • Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic (FRP) basket
  • External 12dB/octave crossover filters remove harmful frequencies
Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 53-21,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS :     90 Watts
  • Peak :    270 Watts
Sensitivity 93 dB
Top-mount Depth 2-1/16″
Impedance 3 ohms

JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System ReviewHands down, JBL is an iconic brand in the loudspeaker market. They’re one of the biggest and most successful speaker manufacturing company in the world. They’ve been around for a very long time and have mastered the art of making great sounding speakers.

JBL GTO609C speakers are impressive – all things considered. These speakers are very well-put-together. We’d recommend them for basically anybody who is looking for quality speakers that are able to produce strong, clear sound from a head-unit or amplifier capable of delivering up to 90 watts of power RMS.

JBL designed their GTO5609C 6-1/2″ component speaker system as a hi-fi solution for those who to want to feel their music. These speakers are featured with plus One polypropylene Woofer Cones which provide more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in its class — The result is greater bass output, increased efficiency and greater musical character.

Although the range doesn’t go quite as low as other speakers in this price range, these babies can put out some pretty decent bass.

As for highs, JBL GTO609C speakers use edge-driven soft dome tweeters that are engineered to yield amazing levels of detail without sounding harsh. You can use the adjustable level control to tweak these tweeters to your liking, so the speakers’ sound is customized to your car.

These tweeters can be mounted in several different ways. They can be surface- or flush-mounted with JBL’s I-Mount system which provides even greater installation flexibility so you can easily achieve the ultimate in-vehicle sound experience.

These speakers feature a vented magnet with a high thermal-capable voice coil which effectively dissipates heat away from internal parts, ensuring long lasting performance.

JBL GTO609C speakers will sound great running off your aftermarket receiver as they’re quite sensitive — they’re rated for 93dB sensitivity rating — But if you want to blast these babies, they’ll handle up to 90 watts RMS from an external amp.

That said, if you’re in the market for the loudest 6.5 speakers, you’ve just found a serious contender.

3- Alpine SPR-60C Component Speakers Review

  • Multi-layer hybrid fiber woofer with Santoprene® rubber surround
  • 1″ Textile ring-dome tweeters
  • External crossovers — 12 dB/octave (high -pass) and 6 dB/octave (low-pass) crossover points
  • 7-level tweeter adjustment
  • High Amplitude Multi Roll (HAMR) Santoprene rubber surround provides consistent, extended cone movement
  • Hybrid layered-pulp woofer with rubber surround
  • External crossovers -12 dB/octave (high -pass) and 6 dB/octave (low-pass) crossover points
Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 65-29,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS :    110 Watts
  • Peak :    330 Watts
Sensitivity 88 dB
Top-mount Depth 2-3/8″
Impedance 3 ohms

Alpine SPR-60C 6.5 Car SpeakersWe’ve already gushed about Alpine and their impeccable car speakers. The Alpine SPR-60C couples great built quality with powerful sound dynamics. This pair of speakers is nothing short of amazing. They’re designed by Hi-Fi experts, and are made to perform.

Like it loud? The Alpine- SPR-60C sits in Alpine’s wheelhouse of “loudest” 6.5 speakers. Alpine designed their Type-R speakers for those of you who like to turn it up. They’ll work great with your car stereo, but they really come into their own, delivering big, dynamic sound with plenty of bass when you power them with an external amplifier.

These Type-R SPR-60C component speakers features 6-1/2″ multi-layer hybrid fiber woofers designed to produce really strong bass response. Alpine has adapted the specially ridged surround, originally developed for their subwoofers, to these speakers, so you get consistent, extended cone movement that pushes a lot of air.

As for tweeters, these speakers come with silk tweeters that produce pristine highs that bring out your music’s detail and depth with no shrillness. Then for the audiophiles who like to tweak the way they listen to music, Alpine mounts an EQ ring in front of the tweeters to improve the tweeter’s dispersion characteristics, providing excellent off-axis response, so you can hear your favorite track as you like.

For seamless, clear sound, these speakers come with external 2-way crossover networks which sends the right frequencies to right driver – the lows to the woofers, the highs to the tweeters, and the mids to the midrange driver. These crossovers are 60% smaller than the old Type-R crossovers which makes them quite easier to install.

Alpine SPR-60C speakers boast a sensitivity rating of 88 dB, a solid frequency range of 65hz – 29khz, and can handle up 110 watts RMS.

4- Polk Audio DB6502 Component Speakers Review

  • IP65 rated – dirt and water resistant speakers
  • Tested to withstand salt-fog, UV and humidity
  • Made from non-resonant materials for clear highs, mids and lows
  • Dynamic Balance (DB) Technology
  • Waterproof inner and outer surround
  • 6-1/2″ polypropylene UV tolerant cones with rubber surround
  • 3/4″ silk dome tweeter
  • External 2-way crossover
Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 35-23,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS :    100 Watts
  • Peak :    300 Watts
Sensitivity 92 dB
Top-mount Depth 1-13/16″
Impedance 4 ohms

 Polk Audio DB6502 6.5 Car SpeakersPolk Audio checks the other 6.5 car speaker brands with its robust sound. Here is a pair of speakers that pulls no punches when it comes to pumping out big sounds. The Polk Audio is building on its stellar line of dB premium car speakers. And When you name a series of speakers after the unit of sound measurement, (dB for decibels), you’re telling your customers one simple fact – turn them up, they’re set to rock!

The DB6502 are rated for 100 watts RMS. Combine that with their sensitivity rating of 92 dB and you get speakers that will make a night and day difference.

Polk Audio DB6502 component speaker system features a 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofer cones bonded to strong rubber surround for solid playback and long lasting performance. Speaking of longevity, these speakers are marine certified. They’re featured with non-corrosive plastic grilles, polypropylene UV tolerant cones, waterproof inner and outer surrounds, as well as stainless steel mounting hardware.

Additionally, and too ensure that these speakers can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, they’ve been tested for salt-fog, UV and humidity. They also have an IP55 rating which means that they’re dirt- & water- resistant.

Polk Audio DB6502 speakers come with 3/4″ silk dome tweeters designed to deliver smooth highs with precision for more clearly defined soundstage. Their external crossover network keeps the highs and lows flowing to the proper drivers for seamless performance.

5- Kicker 43CSS654 Speakers Review

  • 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofers with polyester foam surrounds
  • UV-treated, ribbed midwoofer surround
  • 3/4″ titanium dome tweeters
  • External crossover network with 3 tweeter levels (0, +3, +6 dB)
Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 35-21,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS :    100 Watts
  • Peak :    300 Watts
Sensitivity 90 dB
Top-mount Depth 1-11/16″
Impedance 4 ohms

Kicker 43CSS654 CSS65 6.5-Inch Component speakers reviewWe couldn’t leave a list of the loudest 6.5 speakers without a set of Kickers! Kicker is a pretty big name in the car audio industry. They offer some great sounding car speakers for reasonable price tags.

Kicker 43CSS654 are among the loudest 6.5 car speakers that Kicker has to offer. They can handle up to 100 watts RMS. Combine that with their high sensitivity rating of 90 dB and you get loud car speakers that really live up to the Kicker slogan “living loud”.

Generally speaking, component speakers are designed to handle a lot more power than their counterpart full-range speakers, and these Kicker speakers are no exception. That said, bear in mind to hook them up to an external amplifier for optimal sound performance. That’s not to say that these speakers will sound bad running off of your receiver. Quite honestly they’ll sound pretty good as they’re very sensitive, but bear in mind that no car receiver out there – be it a factory-installed one or aftermarket one – can put out 50 watts RMS, let alone 100 watts.

Kicker 43CSS654 component speakers are designed to elevate your music to a startling level, revealing more detail than your ever heard from your factory speakers. They’re featured with 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofers that delivers solid low end, backed by a polyester foam surround for long lasting performance.

These speakers are featured with separate 3/4″ 3/4″ titanium dome tweeters that will bring new dimension to the high-frequency range with pristine highs that sparkle with clarity.

Why Should You Consider Component Speakers

Component car speakers are the way to go if you’re looking for sound quality and volume. These speakers comprise of woofers, tweeters, and crossovers — all of which are mounted separately from each other, but are designed to work seamlessly with one another. This makes them the choice of serious audiophiles.

The audible human hearing range is from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and that spectrum is generally broken up into a few different categories when it comes to loudspeaker technology. Each driver on a set of component speakers is meant to handle a single portion of that range — the lows by the woofers, the highs by the tweeters, and and mid-range speakers fit in between those extremes. This approach reduces interference and improves audio clarity over full-range speakers.

Component car speakers provide better sound quality than coaxial setups. However, these systems are a bit more expensive and can be difficult to install. They may even require the car interior to be modified to make room for the drivers and wires.

Coaxial vs Component Speakers – Which is better?

Deciding between component and coaxial speakers isn’t an easy task as there are so many things to take into account. In a nutshell, component speakers offer superior sound quality, more volume and better imaging, but they cost a bit more and aren’t that easy to install. Full range speakers on the other hand are way less expensive and installing them is a piece of cake.

Speaker TypeProsCons
Coaxial or Full-Range Speakers - Less expensive
- Direct fit
- Built-in crossovers
- Low sound quality
Component Speakers- Superb sound quality
- Greater customisation opportunity
- Cost a bit more
- Difficult to install

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