Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Double DIN Receiver Review

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One of the biggest causes of accidents nowadays are smartphones and despite all the infomercials and the warnings, we can still see people driving and texting or calling on a daily basis. So, is there a real solution that can truly make it safer for us to access our phones while driving?

Well, Pioneer has made it a priority to create an interface / device that would make smartphones safer and the results are rather compelling. Indeed, this is a leading brand in the industry of vehicle audio / visual infotainment with all of its accessories and they argue that a multimedia receiver technology can significantly decrease accidents caused by smartphones.

Hence, amongst its many creations, we choose to put the AVH-X4800BS under the spot light today because it is one of Pioneer’s best-selling double din motorized receivers and one which can fully replace factory radio units as well as enabling you to make phone calls with both hands safely on the wheel.

General Features

From first look, you almost feel like this receiver is just like every other Pioneer double DIN touchscreen stereo out there and you would be right. The AVH-X4800BS inherited the subtle stylish design, the radiant 7’ish’-inch touchscreen and the smooth and intuitive platform.

However, unlike many receivers out there, this stereo supports CDs & DVDs which is one more reason to keep your album collection alive. In addition, this receiver comes with a built-in 50-watt-by-4 amp.

More importantly, the reason we should all be investing in this technology is the fact that it comes with built-in Bluetooth that will enable you to make and take phone calls with both your hands on the wheel thereby limiting distractions and reducing the chances of mishaps.

[alert-note]PS: This unit can support two phones at the same time.[/alert-note]

Moreover, using the same feature, iPhone users will be capable of addressing Siri through the car receiver for a safer interaction. Indeed, now you can ask about directions and make requests while your eyes are free to stay on the road.

Furthermore, there is no denying that most of us really appreciate a good-looking interior and the last thing you would want is a color distortion on your dash. Hence, if you do not love the blue back light, background or font, this Pioneer will enable you to customize its illumination to suit your taste.

Smartphone Features

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS reviewJust like all other Pioneer receivers in this category, the unit at hand is featured with a built-in iPod, iPad and iPhone control that connects so quickly and synchronizes your music library accordingly for smooth play. Nonetheless, in order to watch a video, you’re going to need a specific adapter.

Along with streaming, the AVH-X4800BS has a CD/DVD drive, an AM/FM tuner, and is SiriusXM satellite radio ready with the addition of an extra-cost tuner.

If you want to use individual apps, thus unit features controls for Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify. These and other apps can be used with the AVH-X4800BS via a Bluetooth connection. The unit is also compatible with Siri Eyes Free for iPhones.

Audio/Video Features

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS double DIN car stereo reviewThe Pioneer AVH-X4800BS might not be able to display video through a Bluetooth connected smartphone but it is fully capable of playing both video & audio from an inserted CD, DVD or thumb USB. Indeed, this device is developed to cater for a wide variety of video and audio files to ensure that there won’t be any compatibility issues.

However, since this is a stereo device, the manufacturer invested more into the sound system, making it much more flexible and responsive. In fact, this Pioneer features a 13 band graphic equalizer to enable to fine tune your sound and level it to perfection. However, if you’re not very confident about that level of customization, you can always opt for the available pre-sets.

Like every other Pioneer double-din stereo, this device comes with the high & low pass filters technology that cleans out any distortions in sound on the highest and lowest frequencies. This will make it possible to blast out your favorite tracks without having to worry about noise. In this respect, the device is also equipped with an advanced sound retriever that makes sure it restores all frequencies that got lost through compression.

To push the bar even further, Pioneer hooked this receiver up with a 3-way network mode. The 3-way network mode (NW) allows you to build a 3-way multi-amp, multi-speaker system that function separately and produces high, middle and low frequencies. Each system is controlled by one of the three power amplifiers and can be activated simultaneously to build up a cleaner more powerful sound.


Obviously, being a smart device, the unit at hand should allow you to expand its accessories. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that it features a rear AUX mini-jack, a back-up camera input, an AV input, a rear USB port, a video output and a 4 volt 6 channels preamp outputs.

Furthermore, the device will also allow a direct connection to a SiriusXM SXV300 tuner. Accordingly, once this extension is hooked, you will be granted access to new Tune Mix, Traffic & weather now and Sports Flash features.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS has proven to be a dependable multimedia receiver with plenty of interesting features that will make your daily commutes significantly less tedious. Also, beyond being a reliable entertainment system, this device will also make your interactions with your phone a lot safer and much more practical.

Eventually, this receiver might be a little less privileged than some Pioneer high-end multimedia marvels but it still costs half the price and you really can’t go wrong here.

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