Pioneer MVH-300EX Double Din Receiver Review

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Let’s begin by acknowledging just how much we became dependent on our smartphones nowadays. Indeed, our phones have grown to be an extra limb in our bodies because it facilitates so many things in life. However, when mixed with driving, it becomes one of the most dangerous activities for ourselves and for others.

Hence, since we are not ready to give up on our phones that easily, engineers had to find a solution that works. Accordingly, being a leading brand in the industry of automotive audio and visual infotainment systems, Pioneer created a variety of multimedia receivers to suit the needs of different folks but most importantly to enable us to access our phones with both hands on the wheel.

A great marker of the brand’s achievements is the Pioneer MVH-300EX, which is a receiver that can literally make you feel like you’re driving a different car. Indeed, this multimedia receiver is revolutionary in many ways and we’re going to discover that in details.

Design & General features

Pioneer MVH-300EX double din receiver reviewPioneer has grown familiar with sublime designs, designs which put more effort to fit in within your dashboard rather than stand-out and distort the serenity of your car’s interior. In that respect, this is a double-din receiver with an LED backlit 7-inch touchscreen display and different color illumination options.

The MVH-300EX is a budget-friendly double DIN headunit which makes it allergic to CDs and DVDs but it has built in Bluetooth connectivity and a variety of ports audio/video features to enable you to play your favorite tracks much more conveniently. Most importantly, the Bluetooth connection will come in especially handy to make hands free calls and wireless audio streaming.

If you’re a radio fanatic then you’d be pleased to learn that the MVH-300EX supports all FM and AM frequencies for a holistic experience. However, the possibilities are pretty much endless once you connect this device to you smartphone and that brings us to the next segment of this article.

Smartphone Features

Pioneer MVH-300EX digital media receiver reviewSmartphone features and connectivity are definitely a race for most brands in the industry because the product is often received based on its ability to connect to most smartphones and similar devices.

Hence, the car radio at hand actually comes with a built-in iPod, iPhone and iPad control via USB port and just like that you get direct access to your music library which will be displayed on the touchscreen.

If you’re an android fanatic then don’t sweat because this Pioneer receiver also supports android as it entails the same process to connect your device and play your favorite tunes.

As for taking or making phone calls, your phone has got to be connected to the receiver via Bluetooth to enable easy access. If you happen to own multiple phones, worry not because this device is capable of saving up to 3 phones in its Bluetooth repertoire to be switched to easily.

Audio/Video Features

Pioneer MVH-300EX reviewThis might not be the best double DIN headunit on the market but it is still considered to be exemplary in its price category as it supports video play back from any device as long as it is connected via USB or through a basic USB thumb drive.

Nonetheless, since this is primarily a sound machine, Pioneer made sure that the stereo at hand is equipped with all the critical features that we need to tune our favorite tracks to perfection. Hence, this digital media receiver is featured with high and low-pass filters which allow for precise tuning to the acoustics of your vehicle by boosting and cutting signals above and below a specific frequency.

Further, and to grant you more customization options, this multimedia receiver offers 13-band graphic equalizer which enables you to access your music on a finer level and modify it accordingly.

Furthermore, this unit sports a lot more customization options but the most significant of which is the fact that you can control the volume on all of your four speakers. So, when you have sleeping kids in the car, you can just mute rear car speakers and enable only a front speakers.


Pioneer MVH-300EX car stereo review

When speaking of expandability, the first thing that comes to our minds is inputs and this device definitely delivers, showcasing an FM antenna input, a full AV aux input that supports video as well as audio, a backup camera input and a rear-mounted AUX and USB inputs with an extension to the dash.

Additionally, this unit features a video output and six channel preamp outputs for use with a separate amplifier.


Final Thoughts

The Pioneer MVH-300EX might not be the best multimedia double-din receiver but it is definitely one of the best choices if you’re on a budget.
To sum things up, the Pioneer at hand is a digital receiver which makes it compatible with pretty much any digital device as it will enable you to completely alter your experience with music but most importantly, it will allow you to make phone calls with both hands on the wheel without any caution.

Further, the touchscreen is really powerful and color adjustable which will be much more enjoyable for you to use as well as landing a nice touch on your dashboard. The interface is easy and intuitive and the cable management on the back is so simple, it can be accessed and modified with a little know how.

All in all, the Pioneer MVH-300EX is a reliable car stereo and there isn’t a single review online which will land on a different resolution.

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